What do we provide?

The UKDC provides...

Legal expenses insurance to shipowners and operators.

Advisory services on charterparties, newbuilding contracts, MOAs and other contracts and enquiries.

Management of litigation in all jurisdictions and forums for dispute resolution.

Management of relationships with law firms through its participation in Thomas Miller's "Value for Money" programme.

The UKDC can cover:
- The costs associated with bringing and defending proceedings relating to ship operation in any jurisdiction or forum.
- The provision of security for costs in the UK and other jurisdictions.
- Investigative and other costs arising out of claims including surveyors and experts fees and arbitrators' fees.

The types of dispute most commonly covered:
- Hire and re-delivery disputes
- Newbuilding disputes with shipyards
- Sale and purchase disputes
- Bunker contamination claims
- Disputes over the safety of ports or berths
- Slot charter disputes
- Oil major and other ship vetting disputes
- Disputes with agents and brokers
- Disputes which Members may have with other underwriters


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