In uncertain times, shipowners and operators need the reassurance that if a dispute occurs, they will have support for legal and related costs as well as in managing any litigation that arises.

  • Mutual - as a mutual organisation, protecting our Members' interests is at the forefront of all of our activities
  • Directors - the Directors of the UKDC are leading figures in the maritime industry and are committed to providing a financially strong, Member focused organisation, whilst maintaining traditional values built up over our long history
  • History - over 130 years in the marketplace has enabled us to develop unrivalled cover, experience and expertise
  • Independent - we focus solely on legal costs insurance
  • Financial strength - our finances are dedicated to providing insurance for legal costs, not other liability claims
  • Unparalleled service - our legally qualified claims executives provide advice and assistance to Members based in over 40 countries
  • Influence - over the past 130 years, we have helped to shape the maritime industry through the landmark cases we have supported in various jurisdictions
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The UK Defence Club has over 4,200 entered ships

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UKDC cover provides:

  • $15 million limit on cover
  • No mandatory deductibles
  • No release calls
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UKDC has supported many landmark cases.

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UK Defence Club has:

£65.5m assets

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“We have been dealing with some really big ticket litigation and I think we’ve handled that really well, without exception.”

Daniel Evans, UKDC Club Manager

"I have always considered the Club to be the standard bearer for the industry when it comes to Defence cover."

M. F. Lykiardopulo Chair, 2017

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