UK Defence Club - giving our Members confidence…

UK Defence Club - giving our Members the confidence that their exposure to legal costs is protected…

UK Defence Club - giving our Members confidence…

Welcome to the UK Defence Club

The UK Defence Club is the leading and most influential provider of legal costs insurance to the maritime industry. In uncertain times, we give shipowners and operators the confidence that, if a dispute arises, they will have support for legal and related costs as well as in managing any litigation that arises.

The value of comprehensive legal costs insurance cannot be underestimated.

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Latest Updates

Ukraine Issues

The sad and unfortunate armed conflict in Ukraine will inevitably have a significant impact on shipping and trade, giving rise to contractual issues under charterparties and other commercial agreements. Our dedicated Ukraine Issues page contains FAQs, updates, and guidance regarding the developing situation.

The Impact of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme on Shipping

On 16th May, 2023 the European Parliament approved amendments to the EU Emissions Trading Directive, bringing shipping within the scope of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (“EU ETS”). As a result, from 1st January, 2024, ships of 5000GT and above which transport cargo or passengers for commercial purposes will be subject to the EU ETS.

Service Guidelines 2023

This document sets out the Club’s expectations when it comes to handling claims on behalf of the Club and its Members.

Bunkers: A Guide to Quality and Quantity Claims

The recent experiences of 2020 have brought bunker quality issues into the limelight. This publication seeks to give Members a comprehensive guide to dealing with these complex disputes.

Considerations when Buying or Selling a Ship

The current state of the market has resulted in an increased focus on the sale and purchase of second-hand ships. These transactions can, however, be fraught with potential pitfalls for both buyer and seller alike.

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