Focused solely on defence, our finances are dedicated to providing insurance for legal costs, not other liability claims.

  • £17.9 million premium income
  • £1.1 million returned via continuity credits (2019 policy year)
  • Free reserves and hedging reserve: £37.1 million
  • £65.1 million of total funds
  • Total liabilities at £28.0 million

Finances dedicated solely to Defence

Over 130 years of prudent financial management has ensured that we have been well-placed to cope with increases in claims and the escalation of associated costs without placing any restrictions on the cover we offer.

  • Market leading cover - £15m limit on cover, no mandatory deductibles and no release calls
  • Consistent level of premiums - in difficult economic times, our Board of Directors recognises the need to avoid significant fluctuations in levels of premium
  • Introduction of Continuity Credits - our financial strength has allowed us to be innovative in rewarding Members with premium reductions linked to length of Membership

The UKDC is dual regulated in the UK by the FCA and PRA as a legal expenses insurer.

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