Event Review - Singapore Seminar - 27th September, 2018

  • Date: 18/10/2018

On 27th September our annual seminar in Singapore returned to the beautifully restored premises of the National Gallery for the second year running. Attended by more than 150 Members and guests, the seminar focused on Mitigating the Impact of the Future.

Set against the backdrop of challenges presented by 2020, our presenters were David Jordan (Clarksons Platou Asia), John Gibson & Luigi Petrone (Brookes Bell Group) and our own Se├ín Geraghty. 

Sean opened the event, providing the audience with a broad overview of some of the new rules and regulations being faced by Members.  David then delivered an update on the key shipping markets in terms of earnings; supply & demand; global trade developments and regulatory challenges. 

John and Luigi provided a detailed review of the new sulphur and ballast water regulations, sharing with the audience their expert views on the interpretation of the new rules and the options available to Members in terms of compliance, coupled with useful costs/benefits analyses.

Sean brought the seminar to a close by examining the potential legal consequences of non-compliance in terms of detention, fines, blacklisting and contractual disputes.

A lively Q&A session was followed by a cocktail reception which allowed further discussion of these highly topical issues.

The seminar will be run again in Athens at the Hilton Hotel on 31st October. If you would like to attend this seminar please contact marinella.makarona@thomasmiller.com.


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