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The Commercial Court has recently handed down a useful judgment providing guidance regarding the circumstances in which it will award security for costs where claimants are domiciled out of the jurisdiction. We take the opportunity to remind Members of the principles involved. Podcast also available. 

There is a wind of change in the shipping industry as business and political leaders recognise and respond to the climate crisis. Decarbonisation and sustainability are now core considerations in the future of the sector. Podcast also available. 

Ever Given refloated The grounded containership Ever Given has been re-floated and the backlog of traffic is now working its way through the Canal, anticipated to be cleared within a few days. Although there are nevertheless delays, disruption and disputes for the numerous waiting ships and  those that chose to divert around the Cape of Good Hope, the overall impact of the incident has undoubtedly been minimised by the relatively prompt re-floating. Members are invited to contact the Club as usual with any queries or issues arising due to this incident.

In response to the recent military coup in Burma, the US has imposed sanctions and property blocking orders against certain parties involved in “the assault on Burma’s transition to democracy”. Podcast also available.

Ever Given: Suez Canal delays The widely-publicised grounding of the EVER GIVEN in the Suez Canal on 23rd March has resulted in over 200 ships being delayed in transit. At the time of writing, the EVER GIVEN is still stranded and it is unclear how long it will take to re-float her and get the traffic moving again.  


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