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Members will be aware that one of the factors taken into consideration in determining the extent of the Association’s support is the “reasonableness of a Member’s conduct.” As part of this review the Directors will consider the extent of pre-fixture enquiries that have been made by the Member prior to entering into a contract which forms the basis of the dispute. 

We enclose the Association's Rule Book for the 2012/13 policy year. The Rules take effect from 20th February, 2012.


THE ASSOCIATION’S CALL FOR THE YEAR 20TH FEBRUARY, 2012/13 At their meeting on 10th November, 2011 the Directors considered the Association’s premium requirements for the 2012/13 policy year.

The quality of bunker fuel continues to be a source of concern to shipowners and charterers. Over the last 30 years or so, enhanced refining techniques have resulted in a decline in the quality of residual fuel and the refinery side streams used as blend components. Added to this the demand for low sulphur fuel has resulted in heavy blending and the use of inappropriate blend components. Unfortunately some marine fuels have also been used as a dumping ground for waste chemicals and organic substances that have caused serious operating problems. Engine damage and resultant lost time caused by bunker quality problems occur all too frequently.

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